Last names have been removed for the privacy and security of my past clients and colleagues.

Matt B

I had the privilege of working with Britt for the last ~2 years at Lightspeed, where she demonstrated a keen eye for detail despite a constant juggle of varying priority projects and immediate needs. She was amazing to work with consistently thanks to the perfect blend of professionalism and a casual, friendly demeanor. Taking this to the next level was her innate ability to take complex instructions or technical details and find clever ways to simplify and frame them to be easy to follow and less intimidating for the end user. 

I would highly recommend anyone considering working with Britt to hesitate no more and do so! 10/10 would Britt again!


It is without a doubt that Britt Winchester's arrival at mHelpDesk in 2015 played a crucial role in making the tech startup among the 65% that advances from Series A to Series B. During her tenure, her thought leadership and passion for product development, process scalability, and project management also drove mHelpDesk's path to ultimately becoming one of the 16% of startups that get acquired.

During the most crucial stages of mHelpDesk's growth, Britt pioneered the genesis of multiple departments in their infancy, and her ability to thrive in multiple customer and product-oriented roles continuously demonstrated that the business could depend on her to succeed in every goal she was given.

As her manager, I was constantly impressed by her ability to remain calm and focused under stressful situations, and by her innovative ideas that streamlined complex processes; and I was grateful that she was unafraid to offer her thoughts and suggestions on process and product improvements that ultimately shaped her team and the company's most successful products.

Furthermore, she hosted weekly game nights to create a positive community within the company, which ultimately led mHelpDesk to win awards for Best Company Culture multiple years in a row during her tenure.

Britt brings an abundance of value to every team she joins, and I believe with the utmost confidence that her passion for sublimity and a unique multiset of experience will propel her in an unstoppable trajectory of success in her next role. 

Matt G

I have had the pleasure of working with Britt at mHelpDesk and can confidently recommend them for any opportunity. Britt is a highly skilled and dedicated professional with a strong work ethic and a passion for helping others.

While working with Britt, I was always impressed by her ability to take on new challenges and deliver. Britt’s attention to detail and critical thinking made her a valuable asset to our team. She always went above and beyond to ensure that projects were completed to the highest standard.

In addition to her technical skills, she is a strong communicator and team player. Britt is always willing to lend a helping hand to colleagues and can work effectively in a team environment. I genuinely miss working with her.

I am confident Britt will be a valuable asset to any organization, and I highly recommend her for any opportunity.


I worked with Britt at Lightspeed Systems in 2022. During that time, we did not have a UX writer on the design team, but Britt was helpful in helping me proof the writing that appeared in several of our products. She was always willing to help, even though it was not her responsibility to help in that area. Her work was amazing. I recommend Britt to any other business or people looking for quality writing and a great person to work with.


I had an excellent experience working directly with Britt during her time as a Senior Product Specialist at mHelpDesk. I was consistently impressed by Britt’s professionalism, her attention to detail, and her overall positive attitude and willingness to contribute to her team’s success. The instructional content that Britt produced as well as her work on the company’s knowledge base and forum were instrumental to my onboarding and understanding of the product when I began working at mHelpDesk. Later on, I was able to send content produced by Britt to customers when they needed help understanding the product which greatly improved customer satisfaction with the support that they were receiving. I was able to experience firsthand Britt’s ability to explain complex concepts to different audiences verbally and through written communication. Britt’s remarkable communication capabilities make her a great asset to any team or organization.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Britt at mHelpDesk for several years. At the start of my career she not only showed me many tricks of the trade, but she helped me navigate the company’s internal processes.I learned a lot from Britt. She always led by example. She was willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed it. Watching her adapt and grow to our ever-evolving business landscape was an inspiration! Her ability to overcome challenges with a smile made her stand out as a cut above the rest! She always presented a new and creative way of thinking that helped push our teams to the next level. I’m grateful to have worked with Britt and highly recommend her to any company! 


Britt’s technical writing skills are superb. Her ability to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way gave our customers a grasp on how our products work. In addition, she was able to deliver with short (or nonexistent!) timelines and vague outlines. She could pick it up and make it happen.

In addition, Britt is a delightful person to work with. She was never too busy to answer a question, give guidance, or giggle over grammar with a fellow word nerd.


I worked with Britt for a number of years and she was always at the top of her game. She was an invaluable resource when it came to technical knowledge as well as strong writing skills. I would often go to her for help on crafting messaging as she has a very strong attention to detail. In the office she was very easy to work with sharing laughs but also maintaining proper professionalism. She'd be a valuable asset to whomever she's working for. She knows how to write and communicate for a wide variety of audiences and people and I knew I could turn to her when I needed help. Overall, it was an absolute pleasure working together.


While I didn't have the privilege of working with Britt daily, I can say that every opportunity I got to collaborate with her was an absolute treat. One notable project she and I worked on together was to create a Video Brand Guide to support her team's product explainer video initiative. The challenge was to define Lightspeed's visual brand through video production. Britt was an excellent partner in this project from beginning to end helping to ensure every brand and video requirement was covered, well-written, accurate, and easy to follow and apply. Britt's research on video technical specs, supplied in a simplified language, aided in creating a final product that was a chef's kiss. Additionally, the outcome of the videos produced by the Client Success Team followed the guidelines exactly and looked great. But more importantly, Britt as a person is professional, genuinely kind, and brings fun, positive energy to collaborative sessions. If Britt applies to your company's open role, consider it a reward, not only because she brings solid skills to enhance your team but also because she's a positive culture fit. 10/10 recommend!


I worked with Britt over the course of several years and she's always been incredibly helpful and reliable. When it came to new feature launches, I didn't have to check in—I could trust that she would be ready to go ahead of schedule. And even for our most technical product, her writing was clear, communicative, and easily understood by a layperson. I would absolutely work with Britt again.


Britt is an amazing technical writer. She is meticulous and thorough as well as helpful and prompt. You're not going to find a more thoughtful and talented technical writer/content producer out there!


It was such a pleasure working with Britt in Lightspeed's marketing department and I heartily recommend her. Britt's can-do attitude, warmth, and easygoing personality make her an ideal coworker. She handled challenging assignments with grace, and collaborating with her on projects was always an easy task. Although tight deadlines and swiftly changing business priorities may have been stressful for some within our company, she always rose to the challenge and never complained. And she seems to genuinely enjoy being part of a team and building relationships with those around her. Britt is a loyal, hard-working employee who would be an asset to any company!


Despite a tremendous workload, Britt excelled as a technical writer at Lightspeed. She worked hard to understand the issues being described so that she could provide the best possible instructions for our users. She is a naturally pleasant person and very easy to work with.


Working with Britt is a treat. She is professional and personable with a strong attention to detail. Whenever we worked together, she was able to grasp complex concepts easily and write them out with clarity. Whenever I needed some documentation, I knew it was in good hands. I also enjoyed working with Britt on a personal level. She was always responsive, adaptable, and just plain fun to talk to. Britt is a delight.


I had the pleasure of working with Britt for several years and was always so impressed with her attention to detail and her willingness to help and coach others. She is able to explain complex and technical concepts in a way that allows others to easily grasp and understand, which tremendously impacted the success of our team. I 1000% recommend Britt for any organization looking for a top-tier professional that will take ownership, be an excellent communicator, and always deliver results.


I worked with Britt at my first company and she still stands out today. She is the whole package. She is professional, helpful, determined, and a genuinely kind person. She is in tune with the product and is always looking for ways to improve us as a company. I hope to get to work with her again in the future!


It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Britt! I had the pleasure of working with Britt at Lightspeed Systems, collaborating on several Marketing projects. Her ability to stay organized while juggling multiple projects and products was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. She is also a wonderful person to be around! Britt will be an asset to any team.


Britt was an invaluable member of my team as a technical content producer. Her ability to take complex technical concepts and explain them in a clear, easy-to-understand way was instrumental in improving the quality of our help documentation. She consistently met deadlines and produced high quality work, and was always willing to take on new challenges. Britt is a team player and a great person to work with.


Britt understands the importance of access to knowledge, which is why she excels at creating thoughtful and clear documentation for customers. She is eloquent, but tailors her language to her audience to ensure that meaningful connections are made. Any organization that wants to derive more value from their product, exactly where it stands today, should hire Britt.


I had the pleasure of working with Britt during her time at Lightspeed! She was always very prompt, thorough, and personable when working with me or any cross-departmental team to ensure a great client support experience. Teamwork makes the dream work--I’d recommend Britt as part of any company's road to success!


I had the pleasure of working with Britt Winchester for about two years during our time at mHelpDesk. I cannot say enough nice things about Britt as a colleague and as a person. I admire her tenacity, diligence, integrity, and creativity. Britt is professional, reliable, has a way of explaining complex concepts in an easily digestible manner, and is someone who delivers quality work. I would highly recommend Britt to any team, she is a gem of an individual.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Britt at Lightspeed Systems for almost two years! Although we did not work together consistently, I enjoyed collaborating with her. Her positive attitude and willingness to help always brightened my day -- especially when I didn't understand something. She always took the time to explain complex concepts in a way that I could understand and patiently answered all of my questions. Since we both worked remotely, her clear, concise communication was key to our successful collabs. I would love to work with Britt again and recommend her to any team.


There's so much to say about Britt but the focus I'd like to share is the contributions she has made here at Lightspeed systems. She has gone above and beyond with training and helping others understand the aspect of our mission, technical writing and updates to our documentation. She is highly knowledgable and skilled in the area of technical writing in that she is able to take complex processes and break them down through visuals and step by step walkthroughs so that anyone with or without a technical background can not only understand but learn from.